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NKW Group of Companies has launched a new corporate logo 29/10/2018

Postcourier October 28, 2018


NKW Group of Companies has launched a new corporate logo that compliments its business aspirations.
The launching happened on Tuesday, last week, for the Morobe local company that has grown over the years.
The landowner company from the Hidden Valley mine in Wau-Bulolo District has grown from strength to strength since its establishment in 2004.
Chief executive officer Marlen Brunskill said the new logo reflects a new image of the company to capture several other investments operations.
“We had to refresh our company profile and renew our company image. The previous logo, the design of the three prongs from one plate remains but the colors of the new logo, like the green color shows the company is ready to embrace environmental friendlier practices in its business operations,” Mr Brunskill said.
He said when NKW started it only had 40 staff and now it has 800 employees.
Mr Brunskill said NKW Group has renewed its relationship with Harmony Gold, the operator of Hidden Valley mine and that is a significant arrangement.
He said NKW Group has recently acquired several other businesses that will synergize with what other business investments it has that provide services such as logistics and procurement.
Some of the companies under the NKW Group umbrella are; Kutubu Transport; Pacific Cargo Services; Western Star Trucks; HBS; Mountain Coffee; and NKW Fresh.
NKW is the umbrella company representing the interest of three principal landowner investment companies of the Hidden Valley mine. These are Nauti Investment Ltd, Kwembu Investment and Winima Investment
Board Director of Winima Investment, Samson Kawa said the company has struggled but is now a vibrant business and he is proud of the achievements that the company has achieved over the years of operations.
He said NKW Group has a long way to go and he appreciates the efforts of the current management, board of directors and that the team is capable to deliver the company’s endeavors.
“We have good partners and clients and I praise their efforts to work with us,” he said.
Mr Kawa said NKW Group is testament of a vibrant local landowner company in the country.
He said plans are in place to help the communities including several schools in the mine impacted areas such as Grace Memorial High School.
Another board director and retired judge, Don Sawong, said that the transformation process of NKW Group was amazing in the last 12 months.
Mr Sawong praised CEO Brunskill, NKW Group senior management team and the staff for their efforts in growing NKW.
He said the fresh food supply contract from the Australian Government to NKW Group to the asylum centre in Manus was a huge boost to the company profile.


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