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Landowner company receives dividend 29/04/2015

Stanley Ipu (third from right) presents the dummy cheque on behalf of Pacific Manpower to Mr Kawa (third from left) witnessed by Mr Komunt (left), and WIL Directors (from left to right) Peter Pabia, Waba Yawing and Councillor Kerua.


A landowner company is aiming to grow its business to better serve its people after receiving a dividend payout from its joint venture partner.

Winima Investment Limited (WIL) received its 2014 profit share of more than K100,000 from its business partner, Pacific Manpower Limited, in a small ceremony in Lae on April 20.

WIL Chairman Samson Kawa, thanked Pacific Manpower for its partnership and delivering a great result after a turbulent past year.

“As we’ve seen from your report, there are areas to improve in and we will all work closely to address these with Morobe Mining who is providing us business opportunities at its Hidden Valley mine,” Mr Kawa said. “We have our people of Winima and WIL is their company so any gains in business will benefit us all.”

Pacific Manpower Group General Manager, Mark Stansfield, said the JV’s operations report highlighted the need to work closely with the mine to achieve better results .

“Our joint venture (Pacific Winima Joint Venture) has developed well over the last three years with strong support from the mine’s Business Development team,” Mr Stansfield said. “This JV needs to continue operating for the benefit of the landowners as well as growing our core business of providing skilled labour and related business activities in strong partnership with the WIL company.”

Morobe Mining’s Community Affairs Manager, Stanley Komunt, and Business Development Coordinator, Robin Siwick, congratulated Pacific Winima JV for its milestone achievement.

“We’re extremely pleased with this outcome and we will continue to work together to ensure this business is sustainable in the long term to benefit the people of Winima,” Mr Komunt said.


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