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Manager Govt Liaison 20/01/2018

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  •   Have worked either in government, business or community and have shown the ability to build effective networks and establish strong contacts
  •  Must be able to work in the field with communities/Provincial/local level governments
  • This position is responsible for the overall plans of the section and support the Country Office in representing the interest of Compnay in PNG.The position supports department manager in planning and working on new and existing projects approved for execution and this position is required to supplement and supervise the routine tasks of the team.
  • This includes: consistently ensuring harmonious relationship is maintained between the company, communities and key stakeholders through frequent engagement and management of grievances thereby ensuring the company’s licence to operate is maintained.
  • This is a pivotal role with the Government Liaison Department and the incumbent is expected to provide leadership and advice on matters relating to all National, Provincial community matters to BLT and management and site operation.
  • Responsible for planning and scheduling work on a daily/weekly and monthly basis stakeholder engagement programs, grievance handling and management, support to implementation of legacy and current projects and reporting of these activities to meet the commitments of the CR work group to complete the planned work for the work period and providing feedback to Manager of any work that will not be completed as soon as this becomes apparent.
  • Ensuring that all personnel in the section to comply with all NML policies and procedures and standards
  • Planning and scheduling work to complete the planned work for the work period as it becomes available
  • Responsibility for following up training and development needs identified for self and all team members in the WPS process
  • Manage and mentor employees and Supervisors in their day-to-day performance in leading work groups to ensure that set priorities and targets are being achieved.
  • Appraise and evaluate direct reports in accordance with Newcrest's WPS process by providing individual performance feedback, giving guidance and direction and developing and agreeing on improvement plans.
  • Ensure the implementation of individual Training and Development Plans for all Section personnel.
  • Ensure that there is a culture of open communication within all levels of the section and that all employees comply with Newcrest’s policies and procedures.
  • Management of key sectional deliverables and plans.
  • Approving staff leaves, travel and training requirements.


  • Allocation of team members to specific tasks
  • Making sure team members are abiding by safety standards
  • Escalating issues that will affect the execution of the plan to the manager
  • Stop work of section in the event of possible serious injury or damage
  • Weekly & Forthnightly workloads
  • Monthly & yearly plans
  • Employee Counselling
  • Purchase of new equipment
  • Hire of temporary labour
  • Changes to work practices to improve efficiency
  • DOA to relieving officers
P.O. Box 876
Konedobu, NCD
Papua New Guinea
Tel (+675) 70311391/392/393/394
Fax (+675) 3210131